What you need to know about ketamine and what is the use of ketamine in 2021/2022

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What is that ? What is ketamine? and What are most people using ketamine for in 2021/2022??

Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic known for its veterinary use. As a drug, this product is used in a festive and sexual context.

Ketamine comes as a powder or liquid (bottle of Ketalar, the marketed form) which is “cooked” i.e. heated in a clean pan until the liquid evaporates to produce the powder.

How is keatamine being taken?

In powder form, ketamine can be snorted or added to a drink.

Avoid mixing ketamine with alcohol or G (GHB/GBL) as these substances can greatly amplify their respective effects.

Ketamine can be smoked if the powder is mixed with cannabis and tobacco in the form of a joint. Ketamine powder can also be mixed with water and intramuscularly injected, but never intravenously. Sometimes ketamine is conditioned in pills.

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Desired effects of ketamine

Taken in small doses, ketamine can boost energy levels, get you high, cause a feeling of numbness, “detachment from your body”, or make you feel like you’re dreaming or floating.

It can cause hallucinations and discorporate experiences – the feeling of leaving your body and entering another reality or encountering God or aliens.

The effects last from 45 to 90 minutes if the substance is snorted and up to three hours if it is injected or swallowed. In tolerant users, the effect is much shorter.

Unintended effects of ketamine

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea and vomiting, hence a risk of suffocation in case of fainting
  • Feeling of disorientation and detachment from reality
  • Palpitations and shortness of breath
  • Blurred vision and difficulty in articulating
  • Bladder dysfunction – and even jelly-like urine in extreme cases
  • Urinary tract infection such as cystitis
  • Bruises and wounds on waking – because ketamine has a numbing effect, one is easily injured without feeling pain.


At a higher dose, you can quickly reach a loss of self -awareness. This experience, called “K Hole”, can last up to 90 minutes. In this state, it is difficult to move or speak – this is even sometimes impossible – and we have breathing difficulties.

In the event of “K hole”, put the person away and preserve them from music and lively lights. Reassure her, tell her that it will pass and that she will recover. Getting out of a “K hole” is the business of minutes or hours, depending on the amount absorbed.

Sex on ketamine

Although ketamine can be sexually arousing, it can also prevent erection or cumming.

Ketamine can remove inhibitions and encourage unprotected sex.

Ketamine is sometimes used to facilitate fisting practice because it relaxes the sphincter. As it also reduces the feeling of pain, certain practices can cause internal lesions in the rectum or cuts and bleeding that can go unnoticed.

As a result, the risk of transmission of HIV, hepatitis C and other infections increases.

Regular consumer? Watch out for ketamine users in 2021/2022

Overdose deaths are rare, but one can become tolerant to ketamine. It is then necessary to increase the doses to obtain the same effect. Some consumers become addicted to it.

Prolonged use of ketamine can cause mental health issues such as:

  • Significant psychological dependence
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • suicidal thoughts
  • Memory loss
  • Aggressive, hostile and megalomaniac behavior

Regular consumption also exposes you to:

  • Flash problems: Ketamine can cause healing and inflammation of the bladder. We can not hold back for a long time and we often feel the need to urinate. These symptoms often diminish by stopping consumption, but in some cases, an operation is necessary.
  • Kidney or liver damage
  • Stomach pain and blood in the urine



Like ketamine, these other substances slow down biological functions. Their combined effects can knock you out or dangerously slow your breathing and heart rate.


The ritonavir and cobicistat are “boosters” contained in certain anti-retrovirals (UNZOLSTA, Striptilder, Symtuza, Norvir …) aimed at concentrating these drugs in the body and which act in the same way with many others Drugs, but also other drugs in this class.

Ketamine may thus interact with HIV medications, leading to a risk of overdose and coma.


The combination ketamine and MDMA is harmful because it can dangerously raise blood pressure.


Smoking a cigarette or a joint after consuming ketamine presents a risk of fire because you could be unable to move. There is also a risk of burns because the anesthetic effect of ketamine can prevent you from feeling the pain.

What to know about ketamine

Ketamine is usually snorted in powder form, but some consumers add it to their drinks. Never mix it with alcohol.

Some users mix ketamine with cannabis and smoke it as a joint, but the experience is unpleasant and harmful to the lungs. The Ketamine and cannabis mixture also induces a feeling of nausea.

People at risk of stroke, high blood pressure, heart or liver problems should avoid taking ketamine.

What the law says ?

Ketamine is a prohibited product classified as an amazing with the exception of medical and veterinary use. His detention, even in the event of private use, is therefore liable to criminal proceedings. Driving a vehicle with the effect of psychotropic products is prohibited and is subject to specific legal proceedings.

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