Ketamine Infusion For Pain And Anxiety


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Ketamine Infusion for Pain and Anxiety Treatment

Ketamine tends to provide a temporary calm and introspective contentment over the course of 5-15 minutes that quickly transitions into a deep depression that takes roughly an hour to recover from.

How Ketamine for Pain and Anxiety make you feel

It varies each time but the following effects were consistent:

  1. The ketamine for pain and anxiety treatment will make all your Fingers, toes, and lips go numb.
  2. A feeling of deep relaxation spreads through your body and it becomes somewhat difficult to move very much. There is also a pleasant tingling sensation all over your body.
  3. Ketamine make Music becomes much more intense and enjoyable.
  4. You will see some visual distortions, such as double vision, and light and colors will look different.
  5. You will cease to feel your body much, if at all. It feels like you’re just a glowing ball of consciousness, a mind with nobody attached.
  6. Ketamine for depression will make all negative thoughts and feelings disappear and you feel a lot of love from the entire universe.
  7. Your mind begins to make connections that you wouldn’t normally make. Ketamine infusion for pain and anxiety can be one of the most helpful parts of the therapy. At this point, I’ve found that it’s also very beneficial to silently repeat affirmations to yourself.

You may feel that you are having a near-death experience. This is not frightening, however. I often felt like I was directly communicating with God. Sometimes everything just goes away except for bright, white light and a feeling of euphoria and complete understanding of everything.

In other words, a very pleasant and mind-expanding experience. But the best part by far is that it gets rid of severe depression, at least temporarily. I had forgotten what it felt like to not be in horrible pain all the time.


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