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How is Ketamine used to treat depression in Ireland

Ketamine provides temporary calm and introspective satisfaction over the course of 5-15 minutes that quickly turns into a deep depression that takes about an hour to recover from.

How You Feel Using Ketamine For Depression

It varies each time, but the following effects were consistent:

– The ketamine used to treat depression makes all of your fingers, toes, and lips go numb.
– A feeling of deep relaxation spreads through your body and it becomes a little difficult to move around a lot. You will also feel a pleasant tingling sensation all over your body.
– Ketamine music becomes much more intense and enjoyable.
You will see some visual distortion such as: B. Double vision and lights and colors look different.
– You will not feel your body very much, if at all. It feels like you are just a shining ball of consciousness, a mind that no one is attached to.
– Ketamine for depression makes all negative thoughts and feelings disappear and you can feel a lot of love from the entire universe.
– Your mind starts making connections that you normally wouldn’t. Ketamine infusions for depression can be one of the most helpful parts of therapy. At this point I have found that it is also very useful to quietly repeat affirmations for yourself.

You may feel like you have a near-death experience. However, this is not terrifying. I often felt like I was communicating directly with God. Sometimes everything just goes away except bright white light and a sense of euphoria and complete understanding of everything.

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