Esketamine Nasal Spray

What Is Esketamine And What Is Esketamine Nasal Spray Used For?

 Esketamine is a new drug that was just accepted by the FDA to be given to people, in a controlled setting, suffering from severe depression. People suffering from PTSD may also be eligible for Esketamine treatment.

Esketamine is chemically the same as ketamine (which Esketamine is derived from) but spins differently, Ketamine has already been used in trials to treat depression, so it makes sense that Esketamine is now being approved.

Esketamine Nasal spray

When Will Esketamine Be Widely Available for Treating Severe Depression?

It was released as a monotherapy (to be used with another antidepressant) in July 2018. Now Esketamine Nasal Sprays are widely used under prescription to treat severe Anxiety and Depression.

How does Esketamine Nasal Spray help with depression?

Esketamine nasal Spray increases the lag time between two different thought systems human beings use to solve the problems we face. 

One system of thought is based primarily on personal interest. 

The second system focuses on the expected social consequences of our actions. 

The second system often causes us to moderate or change our initial reaction, given consideration of how we think our actions will impact others we care about.

As a result, people under the influence of Esketamine do not have access to their thoughts about how their actions will affect others until after they have acted. 

Thus they have to go with their first impulse instead of moderating that action based on consideration of the social consequences of that action.

This can help people with depression because depression is a reaction to the self-consciousness people experience when they predict the social consequences of their behavior and predict that those consequences will be strongly negative. When we think people will respond negatively to us, we reduce our expectations about positive outcomes — which is what depression is — thinking we won’t get what we want.

What To Know About Using Esketamine Nasal Spray To Treat Severe Depression

Ketamine treatment for severe depression looks like the future of psychiatry, at least where the need for an efficient and successful treatment goes. The problems will come when unintended consequences occur.

Ketamine consists of a racemic mixture of two molecules, Esketamine and Arketamine. 

These two are mirror images of each other, basically left and right versions of the chemical, which have the same effect in general, but have specific differences. 

This is a common issue in medicine and using one or the other isomer is a way to prolong the patent of a medication. 

With Esketamine, The differences are significant, especially in patients who are more vulnerable to specific issues such as how long it takes to get out of the body.

Is Esketamine currently being prescribed by a psychiatrist in 2021?

Yes, some psychiatrists are using it for people who are not helped with previously available therapies of depression. It is out of clinical trials and was approved for use in 2020.

Spravato Esketamine

Are Esketamine Nasal Spray Treatment And Effective Treatment For Resistant Depression In 2021?

Esketamine has been proven to be effective in treating treatment-resistant depression to the satisfaction of the FDA and has been officially approved for that use. Sothe Esketamine Nasal Spray is an effective treatment for depression.

Is Esketamine Nasal Spray As Effective As Ketamine Infusion in Treating Depression in 2021?

Yes, It is!

It’s just important to understand that Esketamine is NOT ketamine. It’s a watered-down sort of diluted version. And anyone who uses Esketamine (Sprovato) and is failed by it, needs to recognize that it isn’t ketamine that doesn’t work for them. The entire racemic ketamine compound may still be exactly what they need.

How Much Does Esketamine Nasal treatment Cost? And Is Esketamine Worth The Price?

Esketamine is worth the price because of how effective the treatment is.

The cost of Esketamine Spravato treatment will depend on the dose needed. Initial estimates are between $440 and $785 per treatment session.

Where Can You Buy Esketamine Nasal Spray With or Without Prescription in 2021?

You can legally buy Esketamine nasal spray from the following Approved countries!

Esketamine nasal spray is approved in the UK.

Esketamine nasal spray is approved in the USA.

Esketamine nasal spray is approved in Australia.

Esketamine nasal spray is approved in Canada.

Esketamine nasal spray is approved in the Netherlands.

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